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GIS is a US based consulting and management firm that provides advisory services to sectors that are in high demand globally.  Our experts manages  projects ranging from Energy Development, Human Resources, Political Campaigns, Strategic Communications, Project Management, Logistics, Events, Agriculture, Education, Healthcare, Industry and Trade, Finance and Development, Government Services, Construction, Health Care Management, Information Technology, Interior Design, Cyber Security and others. We provide a Trusted Gateway to the Caribbean and other regions where Multinational, NGOs, Individuals and Learning Institutions have or are creating a global, regional or local footprint.


GIS is run by an Advisory Group of professionals who have specific industry skills and have successfully worked in the global arena for many years. Each advisor manages client projects in their area of expertise.

Our team develops the best approaches to identify and target projects by:

  • maintaining close relationships with governmental and nongovernmental organizations worldwide
  • finding opportunities to match our members’ skill sets
  • preparing and submitting proposals on behalf of our partners.

These steps ensure that projects are outfitted with the best expertise to ensure effective implementation. We pride ourselves on quick response times, confidentiality and effective execution.


We believe in insightful leadership, the power of positive synergies, the importance of honoring our word, and preserving and enhancing member and client relationships. This is what we do. Our Vision is to create dynamic partnerships that guarantee successful project execution. With the right global sourcing of skills, teams, and projects, excellent outcomes are possible.


Global Idea Synergy (GIS) believes that every connection is an opportunity. We have observed that interactivity is key to responding to emerging trends. By listening to our clients and partners, we keep our finger on the pulse of developments in various sectors and are able to find innovative strategies to address the issues.

GIS identifies our clients’ needs, learns and respects the culture, develops appropriate capabilities and methodologies, and then strategizes on creative ways to solve the client’s challenges.

We connect our clients and partners to the world. By using our global reach, we are able to harness knowledge and expertise from around the world and apply it locally.

One of our strengths is the ability to connect people to business worldwide and have everyone benefit from that connectivity. By pooling our resources, we can each benefit from the resulting synergies.


1. The peace of mind that comes from knowledgeable and trustworthy partners;

2. Access to competitive opportunities and highly skilled and educated talent pool;

3. Streamlined business services through end-to-end offerings.


Global: Worldwide, comprehensive, all-inclusive… We harness the talent and expertise of people from around the world connecting people with opportunities globally.

Idea: Thought, concept, knowledge… We encourage innovative thinking and global awareness and understanding.

Synergy: Interaction, cooperation, concerted effort… We pool our talents and resources for the benefit of all, for the greater good.